Women's Studies: Films and Videos

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W x W: Women by Women and Evening of Exchange

60 min., Art Com., 1985 - features the San Francisco exhibit show at the Galaria de la Raza studio during May 10 - June 1, 1985, dealing with Latina women's art. Artists discuss their work, background and ideas. N6538.H58 W15 1985. VIDEO

Waiting Room

26 min., 1980 - the pros and cons of abortion are presented in this fictional account of five women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds who meet at a Family Health Care Center on the day of a Right-To-Life Committee demonstration. The women reveal how abortion and birth-control affect their lives and families. FILM

Warrior Marks

Women Make Movies, Movie about the destruction and abuse of females and their genitalia in Africa. GN 484 .W352 1993. VIDEO

We Are Not Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

72 min., Video Data Bank, 1987 - looks at videos by and about women where the moving images are interrupted by stills and dialogue to provide a new look at scenes. Includes Ilene Segalove's Mom Tapes, Mindy Faber's Suburban Queen, Ardele Lister's Split, Brenda Miller's That's It Forget It, Fronza Wood's Killing Time. PN 1992.8.V5 W53 1987 pt.1 VIDEO

Welcome to Normal

By Sadie Benning 19 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - About growing up lesbian. PN1995.9.L48 B47 1992. VIDEO

What Does She Want

6 videotapes, 70-90 min. each, Assembles work of over 25 women working in film, video and the visual arts. PN1992.8 V5 W53 1987. VIDEO

What We Do Not See If We Do Not See

50 min., U of A, 1980 - presents Agnes Martin's speech which is a philosophical statement on art being a celebration of reality (life) and she exhorts listeners to live true life through self knowledge and responding to one's individual potential. BH301 .S7 M37 1980

When the Mountains Tremble

83 min., New Yorker Films, 1983 - Rigoberta Mechu tells her story of life for indigenous people in Guatemala, the U.S. supported military government and the resulting repression. FILM

Whisper, the Waves, the Wind: Celebrating Older Women

28 min., Medtronic Foundation, 1986 - documentary of a performance work by Suzanne Lacy where 154 women, ages 60 - 99 gather and discuss aging issues and current events. HQ 1233 .W44 1986. VIDEO

Why Me

57 min., 1974 - ten women who have undergone mastectomies tell of the experiences: its psychological effects, and how they are able to cope with their problems. FILM

Wild Women Don't Have the Blues

58 min., California Newsreel - Ma Rainey, "Mother of the Blues", first put the work-songs of African American field-hands on stage in 1902. Recreates the stories of pioneering women like Mamie Smith and Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters, Ida Cox, Alberta Hunter and other women in the early 20th Century who left an indelible mark on the music and heart of the U.S. ML 3521 .W54 1989. VIDEO

Willmar Eight

55 min., California Newsreel, 1980 - presents the story of eight women and their fight for working women's rights in Willmar, Minnesota. These women were bank workers who organized a union, started a strike, picketed and struggled through NLRB rulings. HD6060.5.U52 W45 1985. VIDEO

With Babies and Banners

45 min., New Day Films, 1978 - presents the untold story of the women who became the backbone to the Great General Motors Sit-Down Strike in Flint, Michigan, in 1937. Interviews with nine of these women draw connections with today's working women. FILM

A Woman Called Golda

192 min., Paramount Home Video, 1993 - A powerful docudrama of the life of Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, a woman who became a living symbol of dignity, humor, and hope for mankind. PS3551.V3 W6 1993. VIDEO

Womanpriest: A Portrait of the Rev. Betty Bone Schiess

56 min., New Futures Enterprises, 1986 - traces the history of the first eleven women of the Episcopal Church. BX5995. S29 W65 1986. VIDEO

Woman's Place

23 min., Films for the Humanities, 1985 - looks at women's place in the home in ancient Egypt and the ceremonies surrounding childbirth. DT61.A67 1985 pt.5 VIDEO

Women and Careers

60 min., California State-Chico, 1979 - presents a look at successful career woman, job discrimination factors and proposed solutions to discrimination. HD 6058 .W69. VIDEO

Women and Creativity

28 min., Host Bill Moyers examines how creative and artistic women handle their lives. Intensive study of Judy Chicago, Benjie Lasso and Mary Gordon. BF408 W65 1982. VIDEO

Women and Islam

Films for the Humanities. Interviews with Moslem women on their roll and religion in 20th century life. HQ1784 .W63 1994. VIDEO

Women and Military Police

29 min., America's Defence Monitor, 1989 - women reflect on their role in military policy making. U21.75 .W65 1989. VIDEO

Women and the Family

50 min., California State-Chico, 1979 - presents a survey discussion of the nuclear family, alternative family structures, impersonal relationships in families, combining family and career and parenting. HQ 1420 .W64. VIDEO

Women at the Top

30 min., Princeton, NJ : Films for the Humanities, c1985. - Discusses the role of women and society. HD 6054.3 .W65 1985. VIDEO

Women behind Bars: Rehabilition and Retribution

52 min., Princeton, NJ : [distributed by] Films for the Humanities and Sciences, c2003. -"Issues such as sexual and drug abuse, family histories, and breaking the cycle of crime and incarceration are addressed through the personal stories of women who are doing time." HV9471 .W66 2003. DVD

Women by Women

60 min., I. V. Studios, 1985 - Presents several women artists working in a variety of media portraying woman as healer, mother, sister, abuelita, indegina, and worker. The artists discuss their work, background, and ideas. N6538.H58 W15 19985. VIDEO

Women First & Foremost

185 min., Monterey Home Video, 1996 - reviews the stories of notable women in history, the sciences, and arts. HQ1121 .W66 1996. VIDEO

The Women Get the Vote

25:28 min., CRM Films - The story of the fight to get the vote for women featuring leaders of the suffragette movement. HQ1420 .W6 1986

Women in Business

24 min., LSB Productions, 1980 - surveys and interviews women who have started their own business. HF5500.2.W6. VIDEO

Women in Islam

139 min., Islamic Publications International, 1991 - considers the issue of the woman, her position in society, her role in human endeavor and her rights and obligations from an Islamic viewpoint. HQ 1170 w575 1991. VIDEO

Women in Management

30 min., Martha Stuart Communications, 1974 - presents an open-ended discussion by women managers who explore how it feels to manage and to be managed. HF5500.2.W62 VIDEO

Women in Management, Threat or Opportunity

25 min., 1975 - drama, cartoon and montage examine traditional attitudes: interviews with women in management and open discussion in workshop situations examine problems and potential. FILM

Women in Middle Management

28 min., Martha Stuart Communications, 1970 - these women discuss how it feels to have succeeded in what is basically a "man's world". HF5500.2.W63. VIDEO

Women in Nicaragua: The Second Revolution

28 min., First Run/Icarus, 1982 - explores the efforts of women to gain equality and to combat machismo after the triumph of the Sandista-led Revolution which triumphed in 1979. F1528.W65 1983. VIDEO

Women in the Third World

30 min., WETA, 1987 - discusses the economic impact that women have in developing societies, and how their needs are not addressed in the "public" sector. HN980. G65 1985 pt.4 VIDEO

Women like Us

By Suzanne Neild & Rosalind Pearson, 1990, 49 min., dist. by Women Make Movies - Lesbians ranging in age from 50 to 80 tell about their lives. HQ 75.3 W66 1990. VIDEO

The Women Next Door

80 min., Women Make Movies, 1992 - This documentary about women in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict provides a unique perspective on women's lives in the Middle East and the critical part they play in rebuilding societies ravaged by war. HQ1781.P2 W65 1992. VIDEO

Women of Hope

29 min., Films for the Humanities, 1996 - Uses interviews, news and archival film, music and literature to show prominent Hispanic American Women (Latinas) who made a difference.E184.S75 W65 1996. VIDEO

Women of Kerala

Films Incorporated, 1988 - women of this densely populated state in India instituted a program of education and birth control in the late 1970s and have reduced birth rates by 40 percent. HQ766.5 .I5 .W65 1988. VIDEO

Women of Manga (Niger)

12 min., Films for the Humanities & Sciences - The lives of the women of a warrior tribe and the traditions by which they live. GN 652.N54 W65 1992. VIDEO

Women of Russia

11 min., International Film Foundation, 1968 - film without narration views the diversified activities of Russian women. Here are ballerinas and bricklayers, pretty university students and 90-year-old ladies in an old people's home, husky bathing beauties and rugged crane operators, teachers, peasants, doctors, scientists. All women; all working hard for their families and their country. FILM

Women of Steel

28 min., Mon Valley Media, 1984 - looked at the difficult rise of women in U.S. steel mills in the 1970s and the disastrous effects that wide-spread industrial lay-offs have on them. HD6073.I52U625 1984. VIDEO

Women of Summer

55 min., Filmmakers Library, 1985 - shows the story of how from 1921-38, 1700 blue collar women participated in a controversial and inspired educational experiment known as the Byrn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers. E-13.259. FILM/VIDEO LD 7062.9 W65 1985

Women of the Earth: Australian Aborigines

55 min., fILMS FOR THE hUMANITIES, 1998 - Examines the lives of Australian aborigines through the eyes of aboriginal women. Shows the efforts to keep traditional identity, lifestyle, and customs alive through art, dance, and storytelling and the continual struggle for land rights. GN666 .W6 1998. VIDEO

Women of the Toubou

24 min., Filmakers Library, 24 min., - within the vast Sahara live an ancient race of pure blooded people. The Toubou are a happy and cheerful people of grace, elegance and dignity. Toubou women are treated as equals to men, they share aspects of life and are admired, respected as well as loved. The woman's fragile appearance hides their physical endurance: they walk approximately 20 to 30 miles a day to the marketplace. FILM

The Women of Troy

50 min., Films Incorporated, 1985 - explores whether Helen of Troy, "The face that launched a thousand ships" really existed as a Greek queen who was carried of by the Trojan prince, Troy. DF 221.T8 W65 1985. VIDEO

The Women Outside: Korean Women and the U.S. Military

52 min., Third World Newsreel, 1995 - Documentary on young South Korean women who work in sex related enterprises adjacent to American military bases in South Korea. Also explores the lives of Korean American women who came to the United States as wives of American servicemen. HQ1765.5 .W64 1995. VIDEO

Women Serving Religion

Films for the Humanities, 1995 - This program traces women's roles in religious tradition and what it means to be a woman in the three great religions today. It also explores the cultural influences of feminism upon religious traditions and the beliefs regarding the ordination of women. BL458 .W655 1995. VIDEO

Women under Siege

28 min., First Run/Icarus Films, 1982 - presents actual footage and interviews of the lives of six Palestinian women in the town of Rashadyah as it served as a refugee camp until of was bombed in June 1982. HQ1728.W65 1982. VIDEO

Women with a Past

70 min., Video Data Bank, 1987 - interviews several video and film and film artists who are sensitive to the social context in which they live. PN1992 .8 .V5 W53 1987 pt.6 VIDEO

Women with Open Eyes (Femmes aux Yeux Ouverts)

California Newsreel, 1994 - Surveys social conditions faced by women in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, and Benin, including circumcision, forced marriage, AIDS, and economic repression. HQ1788 .F45 1994. VIDEO

Women Working in Literature

San Francisco, CA : Poetry Center/American Poetry Archives. American Literary Women read from their works. Including: Adriene Rich, Ntozake Shange, Carolyn Kizer, Anne Sexton, Alice Walker, Grace Paley, Cherrie Moraga, Audre Lorde, Joy Harjo, Maxine Hong Kingston, Judy Graham, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Karen Bodine, Barbara Guest, Susan Howe, Erica Hunt. PS151 . W575. 1991. VIDEO

The Women

30 min., Films Inc., 1973 - dramatizes Shaw's relationship with the principal women in his experience, identifying Shaw as a pioneer in relation to the idea of women's liberation. FILM

Women, a True Story

281 min., Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 1997. Women from around the world tell their personal stories and discuss the burning issues facing all women today.

Women, War, & Work: Shaping Space for Productivity in the Shipyards during World War II

56:40 min., Montana State University - A documentary about Vanport City, Oregon built in 1943 to support women shipyard workers. Includes rare photos and vintage film as well as interviews with former shipyard workers. F884.V36 W66 1994. VIDEO

A Word in Edgewise

By Heather Mcleod, 1986, 26 min., Dist. by Women Make Movies - Explores the role of sex bias in language in shaping behavior. P101 M33 1986. VIDEO

Word Is Out, Stories of Some of Our Lives

128 min., New Yorker Films, 1978 - interviews with twenty-six very diverse people, throughout the U.S., from ages 18 to 77 who tell about their experience as lesbian women and gay men. FILM

Working Girls

93 min., Charter Entertainment, 1987 - Drama about the experiences of women paid to guarantee satisfaction as told from a woman's perspective. Straightforward and honest, it treats prostitutes as people with feelings, concerns, goals, and dreams. PN1997 .W67 1987. VIDEO

Working Women: The Problems

24 min., Films for the Humanities, 1987 - "Charlayne Hunter-Gault interviews single, working women and discusses their problems with Patricia Schroeder and Shirley Dennis from the Department of Labor."

Wrestling with Manhood: Boys , Bullying and Battering

60 min., Media Education Foundation, 2002. - "Drawing the connection between professional wrestling and the construction of contemporary masculinity, they [Sut Jhally and Jackson Katz] show how so-called 'entertainment' is related to homophobia, sexual assault and relationship violence."--Container. GV1196.4 S63 W74 2002 VIDEO.

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