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La America Latina del Norte.

Canada: Radio Canada International, 197-?
Discusses the evolution of French culture in Canada, and the curious parallels with Latin American culture. In Spanish. 2 sound discs (101 min.): 33 1/3 rpm.
Media F1021 .A43 1970z

Bailes del folklor mexicano: pasos, coreografía y vestuario.

México: Trillas, 1990.
Book. + 1 sound cassette.
Media GV1627 .B297 1990

The Case for a Liberal Immigration Policy.

Santa Barbara, CA: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions 1978.
Jorge Bustamante contends that the undocumented immigrant problem must also be related to the benefits the U.S. has received. He points out that in the case of Mexico the joint interests and concerns of the two countries, such as fishing rights, energy, drugs, the 2,000 mile shared border, etc., must be considered. 1 sound cassette (55 min., 18 sec.)
Media JV6455 .B9

The Changing Population: the Mexican American and the Southwest

Washington, DC: National Public Radio, 1978.
This program examines the rapidly increasing Hispanic population in the United States, and investigates growing tensions between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking citizens. Program participants include Mexican-American authorities from eight California universities and colleges, as well as Chicano and Mexican-American political leaders, legal experts, and sociologists. They discuss racism, discrimination, Hispanic culture, the economy, Mexican-American relations and border problems. 1 sound cassette (59 min.)
Media F790.M5 C35

Chicana Feminism.

Washington, DC: National Public Radio, 1981, ©1980.
This program looks at Mexican-American women as a minority within a minority, examines their participation in economic and political processes, and compares Chicana feminism with other forms of feminism. 1 sound cassette (29 min.)
Media E184.M5 C39

Chicano Literature.

Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 1975. 1 sound cassette.
Media PS153.M4 D9

Children's Songs and Games from Ecuador, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

[S.l.]: Folkways Records, 1977.
1 sound disc: 33 1/3 rpm.
Media M1997 .Y79

A Confrontation of Mythologies.

Washington, DC: National Public Radio, 1990.
In the 16th century, the Spanish missionary, Fray Bernardino de Sahagun, described a dialogue that took place between Aztec priests defending their religion and Franciscan friars, who had come to convert the Indians to Christianity. This condensed dramatization provides a compelling view of how European invaders appeared to the indigenous Aztecs. 1 sound cassette (30 min.)
Media F1219.76.R45 C66 1990

The Day it Snowed Tortillas: Tales from Spanish New Mexico.

Santa Fe, NM: Trails West Publishing, ©1982.
Contents: The Day it Snowed Tortillas -- Pedro and Diablo -- Little Gold Star -- La Llorona -- The Prince. 1 sound cassette.
Media PZ8.1.H323 Day 1982b

Diego Rivera on Record, in Spanish.

[S.l.]: Caedmon, 1958.
Recorded in Mexico on May 27, 1955. 1sound disc: 33 1/3 rpm.
Media Disc R621

Emilio Carballido: vox viva de Mexico.

Media Disc C263

Faces, Mirrors, Masks: Twentieth Century Latin American Fiction.

Washington, DC: NPR, 1984.
Profiles of the most significant writers of Latin America. Each half-hour program creates a highly individual portrait of the writer as storyteller, innovator, and social critic, through interviews with the writers, dramatic excerpts, music, and live on-location recordings from Latin America. 7 sound cassettes (420 min.)
Media PQ7081 .F24 1984

Festival de Flor y Canto.

Los Angeles: University of Southern California, 1976.
Expressions of the Chicano experience in literature, these cassettes are recordings of 32 Chicano playwrights, novelists, short-story writers, folklorists, & poets, who gathered in 1973 for a feast of Chicano literature, the Festival de Flor y Canto, at USC. Designed to be used with the book of the same title. 16 sound cassettes (approx. 16 hours.)
Media PS508.M4 F47 1973b

Illegal Immigration: The View from Mexico and Canada.

Santa Barbara, CA: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, 1978.
Marcos Manuel Suarez gives the view of Mexico toward immigration, and Ivan Timonin discusses the selection process in Canada, both countries sharing borders with the U.S. 1 sound cassette (35 min., 15 sec.)
Media JV7402 .S8

The Legend of the Sun.

Washington, DC: National Public Radio, 1990.
Creation cycle of the Aztec. Four creator gods vie with each other for power, and create the fifth sun, Nahui ollin. The program examines the mythic origins of human sacrifice from the Aztec point of view. Also myths of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, and the creation of humans by him. 1 sound cassette (60 min.)
Media F1219.76.R45 L43 1990

Mexican Colonies in the Rio Grande.

Washington, DC: National Public Radio, Education Services, 1981.
Examines life in the closely-knit communities scattered along the Rio Grande in south Texas, inhabited mainly by poor migrants generally from Mexico. Reviews efforts underway to improve the situation in these "colonias." 1 sound cassette (29 min)
Media HD1527.T4 M49

Mexican Folk Songs.

New York: Folkways Records, ©1959.
Sung by Alfonso Cruz, with guitar. Recorded in Oaxaca, Mexico. 1 sound disc: 33 1/3 rpm.
Media M1638.18 .F66 1959

Naranja dulce, limón partido: antología de la lírica infantil mexicana.

México, D.F.: El Colegio de México, 1979.
Book + 1 sound cassette.
Media PZ74.3 .N3 1979

Paso a paso con los ninos.

Austin, TX: Distributed by National Educational Laboratory Publishers, 1973.
Book includes the Spanish words to 46 Mexican songs included on the records, along with directions in Spanish and English for performing traditional dances and pictures of children in native costumes. 3 sound discs: 33 1/3 rpm. + 1 book
Media M1683.18 .P35

El Testamento: Spanish Folk Music of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

[S.l.]: Century Records, 1973.
Program notes in English, and words of the songs on the album. 1 sound disc: 33 1/3 rpm.
Media R 1021

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