Finding Technical Reports - DOE

 Department of Energy (DOE)

The University of Arizona Libraries have microfiche copies of most technical reports issued by the Department of Energy (DOE) from 1977-1995. (Copies of reports on microfiche are organized by report number in the DOE microfiche cabinets in the Science-Engineering Library.) After 1995, DOE stopped issuing print and microfiche copies of its reports and began posting all reports electronically; these are now available through SciTech Connect.

There is some overlap in coverage for DOE technical reports in the UA Libraries' collections, either by format (print and microfiche) or between issuing agencies (e.g., reports issued by both DOE and the National Technical Information Service). Copies of reports in print format can be found by searching the library catalog, and are mostly filed under E in the Government Documents area, Main Library, 3rd floor. [Hint: Most reports are listed under the author: United States. Dept. of Energy.]

Information on reports issued by predecessor agencies to the Department of Energy can be found under:

Dates Agency
1995-present SciTech Connect (full-text reports online)
1977-1995 Department of Energy (DOE)
1974-1977 Energy Research & Development Association (ERDA)
1946-1974 Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)


Finding DOE Technical Report Numbers:

For reports issued from 1977-1995, if you have an DOE report number for the technical report:

  1. Use the report number to locate the technical report in the microfiche collection.
  2. The AEC, ERDA, and DOE microfiche collections are located in appropriately labeled microfiche cabinets in the Current Periodicals and Microfiche room on the first floor of the Science-Engineering Library.

Last modified: December 15, 2015