Finding Technical Reports - NTIS


National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The UA Libraries have microfiche copies of most technical reports issued by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) from 1952-present. NTIS microfiche are arranged by NTIS accession number. (Note: There is some overlap between reports issued by the NTIS and several other government agencies.)

Answering the following series of questions will guide you to finding NTIS technical reports in the UA Libraries.

If you have an NTIS accession number for the technical report:

  1. Use the NTIS accession number to locate the technical report in the NTIS microfiche collection.
  2. The NTIS microfiche collection is located in the basement of the Science-Engineering Library. The microfiche are organized by NTIS accession number.
  3. If the NTIS accession number begins with a series of letters other than AD or PB and you are unable to locate the item in the cabinet, you may need to look for the report under the originating agency. Please contact the reference desk for further assistance.

Last modified: December 15, 2015