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Copyright Guide - Government and Legislation

U.S. Congress
Track legislation in the U.S. Congress with Congress.gov.  The following information is available:

  • Bills, Resolutions
  • Activity in Congress
  • Congressional Record
  • Schedules, Calendars
  • Committee Information
  • Presidential Nominations
  • Treaties
  • Government Resources

SICE: Foreign Trade Information System

Links to copyright laws for all the member states in Organization of American States (OAS) including Mexico and Canada. Includes the following information:

  • Documents on national trade policy
  • Trade agreements
  • Bilateral investment treaties
  • National legislation on key trade disciplines
  • Links to relevant national agencies
  • Trade and tariff data

United Kingdom - Copyright Law for the United Kingdom
The legislation which extended the term of copyright.

United Kingdom - Office of Public Sector

Copyright, designs and Patents Act 1988 - United Kingdom

U.S. Copyright Office 
Includes links to pending and current legislation, government publications including Copyright Circulars, and press releases. Use this site to learn how to register your copyrighted material. 

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 
An intergovernmental organization working to establish new intellectual property treaties with member nations.

Last modified: October 3, 2016