Guide to L'Année philologique

User Guide

As the most comprehensive index to scholarly work in classical studies, L'Année philologique is an essential source for serious research.

L'Année philologique includes references and abstracts to journal articles, books, and conferences that have appeared since 1924. The entire backfile of L'Année philologique is available online.

Print volumes are available at Main Library, Z8414.84 .P32 under the title A Bibliography of Homeric Scholarship: Preliminary Edition, 1930-1970.

Database Quirks

  1. Search ancient authors names in their Latin forms: "v" appears as "u" unless the name starts with V. Greek names are converted to their Latin equivalent. For example:

    Livy > Liuius (Titus)
    Ovid > Ouidius
    Virgil > Vergilius Maro
    Homer > Homerus

  2. "Full Text" doesn't search the complete text of articles, only the citations and abstracts in the database.
  3. The article's title will be the best indication of its language. Abstracts can be in English, French, or German, and don't necessarily correspond to the language of the article. You can limit your search by language.

Last modified: December 15, 2015