Software Available on Library Computers


Software A-Z

For help, call 621-6442. If we don't have the software you need, check the campus OSCR labs.

Operating Systems

By Category

Find these folders on library computer desktops:

Accessories File Transfer Plugins
ArcGIS Graphics Software Scanning Software
Assistive Technology Language Tools Statistics
Class Software Math, Science & Engr Software Viewing Listening Software
Disk Utilities Music Software Web Browsers
DVD-CD Writing Software Office Software Web Page Creation


Stations With Specialty Software:

Chinese Workstation [Main Library Floor 1B] 

GIS and CD-ROM Workstations [Main Library IC Tier 6, SEL IC]

Library Instruction and Specialized Software Room [Main IC A112]

Multimedia Zone [Main Library IC; operated by OSCR, 520-626-3993]

Technology Study Rooms [Main IC A120 & 110D; SEL IC 214]

Language Keyboards and Proofing Tools

Windows Keyboard  

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
Chinese (Simplified PRC)
Chinese (Microsoft Pinyin IME)*
Chinese (Traditional Taiwan)
English (US)
French (France)
Germany (Germany)
Greek (Greece)
Hebrew (Israel)
Hindi (India)
Italian (Italy)
Japanese (Japan)

Japanese (Microsoft IME)*
Korean (Korea)
Korean (Microsoft IME)*
Han/Eng toggle*
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Russian (Russia)
Russian (Russian for Gringos)*
Spanish (Spain - International Sort)
Turkish (Turkey)
Urdu (Pakistan)

*See tips for selecting these keyboards.
Windows Proofing Tools - MS Office Spelling & Grammar check


Mac Keyboards  

To select other keyboards:

1. Click on the Apple icon (upper left) and select System Preferences.
2. In the Personal section, select Language & Text.
3. Then click on the Input Sources tab.
4. Select desired keyboard from the menu.
5. Check the box "Show input menu in menu bar"--if it isn't already.
6. Then close the window.
7. In the menu bar at the top of the screen you should see an icon, such as a flag, for the language on the right side. Click on it for any options.

Plugins [not a comprehensive list of every plugin]

Active X - MS Office Templates & Media Control
Adobe Digital Editions 2.0
Adobe Flash Player Plugin 11.9.900.170
Adobe Reader XI
Adobe Shockwave Player
Aleks 3.18
AlternaTIFF 2.0.5
Autodesk DesignView 13.0
Autodesk Mapguide 6.5
Cn3D 4.3
DivX Plus Player

Djvu Browser Plugin 6.1.4
eBrary Reader 3.23x
MathPlayer 3.1b

QuickTime Plug-in 7.74
SDAS plugin for Excel
Java 7 Update 45
TestGen 7.5.2
Silverlight 5.1


Last modified: June 17, 2014