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Sophie Treadwell Exhibit: Broadway's Bravest Woman

Date: November 1, 2006

Contact: Bonnie Travers

Description: Sophie Treadwell, who was born in 1885, worked as a journalist, dramatist and author. She was one of the first female war correspondents during WWI and covered the Mexican Revolution extensively, interviewing notable leaders like Pancho Villa and Mexican Presidents Carranza and Obregon. Treadwell authored 40 plays (7 were produced on Broadway), which featured themes of women’s independence and sexual equality. Her works of fiction connected with her previous writing and often questioned the social attitudes of the times. Her numerous accomplishments and intrepid trailblazing led one drama critic of her day to call her “Broadway’s bravest woman.” She retired to Tucson in the mid 1960s and died here on February 20, 1970.