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Elimination of Print Reserve Service

Dates: February 5, 2009 - February 24, 2009

Contact: Research Support Librarians


The University Libraries carefully monitor our data on use and productivity to anticipate where we can eliminate activities and reaollocate resources. For the past six years, the usage of print reserves has significantly declined, and print reserve statistics continue to show that most items placed on reserve are never used or have only been checked out or used in house fewer than 5 times. For the past two semesters (Spring 2008 and Fall 2008), the Libraries have shared these usage statistics with all instructors who use print reserves.


In planning for for 2009/10 budget we realized that we would need to end the print reserves service in order to redirect resources and cover other high use services. This will take effect June 30, 2009. At that time all print reserve material owned by the University Libraries will be integrated with the general collection.