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Electronic Course Reserves Move to D2L

Date: February 11, 2009

Contact: Electronic Reserves Staff


In support of a University-wide plan to eliminate duplication of services, the University Libraries plan to completely phase out the use of the electronic course reserves (ERes) database over the course of the 2008/2009 academic year. After the 2008/2009 academic year students and professors will access electronic course reserves via D2L, the centrally supported course management system. The Libraries will continue to provide document location services.

The reasons for this decision include:
•    UA students want a single location to access all course related materials.
•    D2L provides more features than the ERes database, such as online chat, grade books and test taking.
•    Elimination of duplication of services across campus.
•    D2L uses UA NetID rather than a separate username and password.
•    D2L provides secure access to copyrighted materials.

Library and D2L staff want to make the transition from ERes to D2L as easy for you as possible. We are committed to providing support to all instructors throughout this transition.

Instructor and Faculty Support

To make this transition easier, the Library will zip all the course reserves files that you have used at any time in the past two years. To obtain your files, please call (520)621-2348, or email askreserves@u.library.arizona.edu with the following information:

•    Course name and number (example: SPAN 210)

Within 2 days the Library will send you an email that tells you how you can download and save your files.

The next step is to upload the files to D2L. Please visit the following web link for instructions: http://help.d2l.arizona.edu/ereserve_migration
Library staff is ready to assist at any point, and invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.