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Date: July 21, 2009

Contact: Gabrielle Sykes-Casavant


The University of Arizona Libraries are pleased to announce their first published e-book, “Latino Politics: A Growing and Evolving Political Community,” a new reference book hosted on the Libraries’ institutional repository site, the UAiR, (http://www.uair.arizona.edu/).

This born-digital 316-page book, intended as a resource guide for researchers of the Latino community,  provides an annotated bibliography of books and articles from 1990-2008 that focus on Latinos as well as a retrospective essay by the authors which provides context for the project. “Latino Politics” was worked on jointly by UA Political Science Professor John A. Garcia, University of West Georgia Assistant Professor J. Salvador Peralta and University of New Mexico Assistant Professor Gabriel R. Sanchez.

According to the authors, the recent growth of Latino populations presents unique challenges to the nation’s capacity to successfully accommodate the needs and interests of Latinos in education, health care, business and politics. “Latino Politics” provides scholars with an expanded list of resources that reaches beyond the typically sought-after canon. “There is a market out there for a book on these resources and not just a market in the U.S.” said Garcia who has attended conferences in Europe and Canada where he became aware that many scholars outside the country are studying Latino issues in the U.S.

The book grew out of work Garcia did as part of the Latino National Survey in 2003, assisted by his then research assistants Peralta and Sanchez. For a year and a half, the team worked to identify research articles and books that may have been overlooked by the mainstream researchers. They contacted several presses, including the UA Press which suggested publishing it as an e-book through the library’s institutional repository. Garcia is please with the results. Print journals and books can have a smaller, target readership, but for a book like “Latino Politics” which can be used interdisciplinarily, publishing as an e-book makes sense, Garcia said. “It’s really great if you look at it from primarily a sense of audience. You can target a much larger audience because of the way people browse on the Internet,” Garcia said.

“Latino Politics” can be downloaded in full or by individual chapter for free from UAiR, The University of Arizona Libraries’ institutional repository.

For more information, please visit http://www.uair.arizona.edu/