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University Libraries: Revised Code of Conduct

Date: September 10, 2009


Welcome to the University Libraries at The University of Arizona. The Libraries encourage campus and community use of our collections, resources, and services in support of scholarly, research, and creative endeavors. The University Libraries Code of Conduct ensures a safe and secure learning environment for all users.

The University Libraries Code of Conduct is published for the benefit of all users of the University Libraries and is applicable to all. Users are encouraged to report conduct violations to library staff who will take appropriate action. This policy is enforceable by all members of the library staff. Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in expulsion from the University Libraries or referral to Dean of Students.  Violations of federal or state laws will be reported and pursued to their full extent. All users are asked to abide by the Libraries Code of Conduct.

For more information, please visit http://www.library.arizona.edu/about/faq/codeofconduct.html