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Free Teacher Resource for UA-created AZ Standards-Based K-12 Lesson Plans

Date: May 18, 2010

Contact: Alexandra Rivera


The University Libraries at the University of Arizona (UA) announce the availability of K-12 LessonLink, a free online resource that connects K-12 educators with nearly 700 lesson plans all created by the UA and all aligned with Arizona Academic Standards. K-12 LessonLink is available at http://lessonlink.library.arizona.edu.

K-12 LessonLink includes lesson plans from more than 40 UA departments including the Arizona Cooperative Extension, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Pharmacy PULSE (Promoting Understanding and Learning for Society & Environmental Health), and the Department of Planetary Sciences, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. Science and mathematics represent more than 45% of the lesson plan content. All of the nearly 700 lesson plans in K-12 LessonLink are searchable by area, level/grade, standard, concept, and performance objective.

K-12 LessonLink also directs teachers to campus educational resources including professional development listings; student activity and field trip listings; and opportunities to request a visit with UA professors.

“The University Libraries’ K-12 LessonLink is a wonderful local resource for teachers of all grade levels and disciplines. The extensive alignment to state standards in itself is a huge timesaver for teachers who are developing their lesson plans,” said Denise De Vito, professor and academic program director of Secondary Education at UA South. De Vito also believes that K-12 LessonLink is a useful tool for teachers at all stages of their profession. “Novice teachers as well as master teachers will find lots of supplementals for their creative ideas.”

K-12 LessonLink was originally researched and developed in 2007/08 by Ruth Dickstein, retired UA librarian. In 2009, with support from Technology and Research Innovation Funds (TRIF), the University Libraries undertook a year-long effort to align UA-developed lesson plans with Arizona Academic Standards as articulated by the Arizona Department of Education. During the past year Alexandra Rivera, instructional services librarian with the University Libraries, in consultation with Professor De Vito and with the assistance of three masters’ students in Secondary Education and Arts Education, aligned the lesson plans with Arizona Academic Standards. The University Libraries will continue to add UA-developed educational resources to K-12 LessonLink. 

K-12 LessonLink will host a 50-minute information session during the upcoming 5th Annual FAIR for Educators. The FAIR for Educators will be held June 2, 2010 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Palo Verde. The FAIR is free to all K-12 educators. More information about the FAIR for Educators is available at http://www.pimaregionalsupport.org/fair/index.htm.

For more information about K-12 LessonLink please visit http://lessonlink.library.arizona.edu or contact Alexandra Rivera at (520) 349-2814, riveraa@u.library.arizona.edu.