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Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps

Date: September 7, 2010

Contact: Chris Kollen


Need to map Arizona unemployment rates? Valley Fever by county?  Watersheds in Arizona? Amphibians, birds or reptiles in Pima County? Perhaps you need to download geospatial and attribute data for American Indian reservations, cities and towns, city wards, and county subdivisions for Arizona?

The University Libraries’ Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps (formerly the Arizona Electronic Atlas) provides geospatial data to download and simple prepared maps you can view, save, or print. The easy to use interface of the Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps includes all of the geospatial data and prepared maps previously available in the Arizona Electronic Atlas.

Questions about Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps? Contact Chris Kollen at kollenc@u.library.arizona.edu.