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Tuesday Talks: Medieval Studies Forge Ahead

Date: April 5, 2011

Times: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location:   Main Library

Contact: Ricardo Andrade


Join us for Tuesday Talks @ the University Libraries, an exciting lecture series that explores the wide ranging research interests at the University of Arizona.

April's Tuesday Talk features Albrecht Classen, University Distinguished Professor of German Studies at the University of Arizona. Professor Classen has gained national and international reputation for his research in medieval and early modern German and European literature and cultural history, including women’s and gender studies. He has published close to 60 volumes and close to 700 scholarly articles.

Join Professor Classen in the final Tuesday Talk of the spring semester in a lecture titled "Medieval Studies Forge Ahead: The New Handbook of Medieval Studies as a Representative of New Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Research." Classen's lecture will explore the new Handbook of Medieval Studies, a book that gives scholars all over the world a great opportunity to gain a quick and comprehensive overview of what the history of research has been in their specific field. The range of articles includes everything from Art history to history of pharmacy, from Byzantine theology to Masculinity studies. The reader finds concise summaries and critical evaluations of the major contributions to all those fields and can rapidly go through the entire history of research, grasping thereby what the state of art is in that field. The Handbook of Medieval Studies promises to be the measuring stick for all research in the Middle Ages, and will be the benchmark for all medieval research for decades to come.