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National Library Workers Day | April 12, 2011

Date: April 12, 2011

Contact: Chrystal Carpenter


April 12 is “National Library Workers Day” and the University Libraries are proud to acknowledge all the work that our employees do during National Library Week. This national event is held in conjunction with the American Library Association-Allied Professional Association’s (ALA-APA) celebration of library workers. National Library Workers Day is a time to honor the contributions of all library workers, including librarians, support staff and others who make library services possible.

Library workers are responsible for a wide variety of services that customers come to expect from their libraries. They are in charge of much more than meets the eye. Library workers provide access to library materials in both print and electronic form; handle user requests; answer phone calls and emails; organize programs and events; administer computer networks; update the library’s Website; select and obtain scholarly publications, databases, primary resources and other materials; curate exhibits; provide instruction, connect customers to information; and much much more.

Not only do library workers insure that the library runs smoothly, we also protect user privacy, fight against censorship and ensure that all people have access to the information and library resources they need when they need it.
In recognition of Library Workers Day, the University Libraries are hosting a thank-you event for library employees for a job well done.