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User Survey Directly Impacts Library Services and Resources

Date: February 24, 2012

Contact: Chestalene Pintozzi


The University Libraries at the University of Arizona (UA) announces the release of its annual User Expectations & Priorities survey, and invites all students, faculty and staff to complete this short questionnaire to help the Libraries better serve the UA community.

Developed by researchers at Texas A&M University, the LibQUAL+ evaluation method has been used by more than 1000 institutions around the world, and incorporates many of the same survey principles employed in the corporate business world, operating under the assumption that only customers can judge the quality of services. LibQUAL+ represents the most efficient means for voicing your valued opinion regarding the Libraries’ success in meeting the UA community’s needs.

This survey method allows the Libraries to gauge user needs and satisfaction in three practical categories:
•    Overall Quality of Services Provided – how knowledgeable and helpful is the library’s staff
•    Information Control – are you getting the info you need, and easy access to academic tools (databases, journals, etc.)
•    Library as Place – how well does the library itself serve your study needs and facilitate your academic progress and research

The University Libraries have employed the LibQUAL+ survey method since 2001, and each year the process has evolved to reflect the ever-changing needs and concerns of library users. Beginning in 2008, and continuing this year, the Libraries have implemented LibQUAL+Lite, which asks users to answer only a small subset of the survey’s twenty-two core questions, plus demographic information—the survey is designed to be completed in fewer than 10 minutes. The University Libraries are committed to streamlining the survey process as well as improving our responsiveness to user input.

Invitations to complete this survey have been sent to a randomly selected sample of 5,100 students, faculty and staff, though anyone interested is encouraged to access the survey here. University Libraries’ services are directly shaped by student, faculty and staff input and feedback, and your voice is crucial to improving library services and helping the Libraries better meet user needs.

This survey is in progress through March 23, 2012.