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Speaking in Tongues: Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken, 1961-1976 (exhibit)

Dates: March 27, 2012 - June 17, 2012

Location:   Center for Creative Photography

Contact: Center for Creative Photography


The newest exhibition at the Center for Creative Photography, "Speaking in Tongues: Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken, 1961-1976," brings two seminal yet under-studied Los Angeles artists into close conversation with one another for the first time.

The archive of Robert Heinecken resides at the Center for Creative Photography and this is the first major exhibition of his work to be shown at the Center. Organized by the curatorial team of Claudia Bohn-Spector and Sam Mellon, with supporting research by Carolyn Peter, this exhibition examines how these two artists bridged modernist and emerging post-modernist trends by ushering in the use of photography as a key element of contemporary avant-garde art.

Focusing on language and the creation of new visual codes, as well as on the little-known friendship between Berman and Heinecken, their works are explored within the unique cultural milieu of 1960s and 1970s Southern California, as it fueled and amplified each artist’s highly original approach to making images.