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Trial Database: Proquest Statistical Datasets

Dates: April 5, 2012 - May 4, 2012

Contact: Jason Dewland


The University Libraries are pleased to offer trial access to Proquest Statistical Insight Datasets with EASI Market Planner.

ProQuest Statistical DataSets is a fully integrated module to ProQuest Statistical Insight. Created and developed by Conquest Systems, Inc., ProQuest Statistical Datasets is the world’s largest collection of organized statistical data.

-Instant access to more than 500 datasets.

-Highly interactive data visualization, including interactive maps, trends and rankings.

-The ability to compare data from different datasets and publishers.

-Ultra-fast data relationships discovery.

-Options to export into MS Excel, XML, PDF, Shape Files and Reference Management Tools.

With ProQuest Statistical Datasets, you can easily view same-period-last-year comparisons, detailed maps, and track indicators across organizational units and for user-defined time periods.

You can access ProQuest Statistical Datasets from the trial databases page here until May 4, 2012.

NOTE: Access to trial databases is only available on campus.