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LIBR197R: Online Research Lab for Undergraduates

Date: November 30, 2012

Contact: Yvonne Mery


Are you an undergraduate student?

Want to learn how to conduct better research?

If so, register now for LIBR 197R, the Online Research Lab.

LIBR 197R is a 10-week, one-credit course offered completely online and designed specifically for undergraduate students. LIBR 197R will help you:

-Develop an effective and well thought-out research strategy

-Access and select an appropriate Library resource for an information need

-Effectively use different information sources including library catalogs and databases

-Evaluate an information source critically 

-Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose

-Use an information source in a manner that does not violate ethical standards

To enroll in LIBR 197R go to "Library Studies" in the UA schedule of classes.