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Trial Database: Keesing's World News Archive

Dates: February 10, 2014 - March 5, 2014

Contact: Mary Feeney


The University Libraries are pleased to offer trial access to Keesing's World News Archive, a monthly digest of articles compiled by Keesing’s editorial staff that summarize world events from news reports from around the world with coverage from 1931-present.

Keesing's is the standard for thorough, objective coverage of significant events for every country as well as major international organizations. Over 95,000 articles are included in the archive, with about 150 new analytical articles added per month. Among the events covered are elections and changes of government; wars, treaties, and diplomacy; terrorism and issues of internal security; legislation, budgets, economic developments and international agreements; actions by the UN and other international organizations; natural disasters, environmental issues, and scientific discoveries.

Access this database trial through March 5, 2014.