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Trial Database: EVGeoCloud Landscan, Core Logic Parcel Sample, PlanetDEM Sample

Dates: February 19, 2014 - May 15, 2014

Contact: Chris Kollen


The University Libraries are pleased to offer trial access to EVGeoCloud Landscan, Core Logic Parcel Sample, PlanetDEM Sample. 

This trial includes three datasets -- LandScan 2012, Core Logic Parcel sample data, and PlanetDEM sample data. All are available through the EVGeoCloud interface. Some functionality is not available in the trial such as the ability to download data.

  • LandScan 2012, produced by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is a global population database that shows geographical distribution of population at one-kilometer resolution over an average 24 hour period.
  • Core Logic Parcel Sample includes sample data of a couple of blocks in Phoenix.
  • PlanetDEM Sample includes sample data in the Cape Town region, South Africa.

Access this trial database through May 15, 2014.