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Check out Friday Tech Talks in the iSpace

Date: January 20, 2017

Times: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Location:   Science-Engineering Library

Contact: Jennifer Nichols

Cost: Free


Friday Tech Talks are a forum for faculty and grad students to discuss experiences with a variety of technology. The focus of the series is to create conversation and communities of practice around different types of digital scholarship tools.

Friday Tech Talks are from 12-1 p.m. in the iSpace (room 212 in the Science-Engineering Library). 

January 20 - "Experimenting with Scalar" with Stacie Widdifield and Jeffrey Banister
Art Historian and Professor in School of Art, Stacie Widdifield, in partnership with Dr. Jeffrey M. Banister, School of Geography and Southwest Center, will discuss the digital scholarly publishing platform, Scalar, for presentation of collaborative research in a humanities-social science project.

January 27 - "Podcasting" with Bjorgvin Benediktsson
Benediktsson will share the tools and mindset you need to create a professional sounding podcast, from his years of experience as an audio engineer and online entrepreneur. Podcasting (and content creation in general) isn’t just about having the right equipment. It’s also about planning for the long run so you don’t burn out after a few episodes. In addition to introducing inexpensive and free tools, he will discuss techniques on finding your niche and topic, and demystify audio jargon.

February 3 - "Pwn Google Apps to Rock Academic Skillz" with Shelley Rodrigo
We’ll start the workshop with an audience survey to prioritize which Google Apps, or academic skills, they would like to become more effective and efficient in managing or using. We’ll then spend the rest of the hour sharing tips & tricks on how to use Google Apps (and a few other web based applications like Todist and Toggl) to become a better teacher, learner, and/or scholar. Participants are asked to bring their laptops and/or other mobile devices so that they might engage with the content.

February 10 - "Network Analysis with Social Media Data" with Yotam Shmargad, School of Information
Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have gained vast popularity by allowing their users to connect and interact with each other. These interactions can be formulated as a social network, and the analysis of these networks can provide insights about who is important or influential in the network and how the network breaks down into various groups or communities. This talk will go through the basics of how to collect data from social media platforms and how to analyze the networks that emerge. We will go over 1) How to collect data about posts on a Facebook page and analyze the data in the Gephi, a social network analysis program, 2) How to collect data about a person's own LinkedIn network using Socilab, and 3) How to use the TwitteR package in R to construct a network of tweets and the users that retweet them. Participants should make sure to download and install Gephi and R if they plan on following along.

February 17 - Love Your Data Week
12pm: "Jupyter Notebooks" with Jeff Oliver, Health Sciences Library

The Jupyter Notebook provides a means of creating documents containing text, analyses, and data visualizations along with the code used to produce them all. This workshop will provide an introduction to the interface and how it can be used for interactive code development and a means of sharing documents with others. Participants should bring a web-enabled laptop with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).

2pm: "Finding the Right Data" with Mary Bell and Chris Kollen, Data Curation Librarian, University Libraries
Looking for data for your research or class assignment? Not sure where to look, how to tell the quality, and what do you need to do to use it? We can help! This workshop by Chris Kollen and Mary Bell from the Libraries will provide you with suggestions on where to find data, how to assess the quality, how to clean up the data and bring it into the relevant software.

February 24 - "Building ArcGIS Story Maps" with Ben Hickson, Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship, University Libraries
Learn how to create and share GIS web applications that can help you tell the story within your work. Using the suite of tools available to you in ArcGIS Online, the Story Maps workshop will walk you through the process of creating an informative and structured Story Map application using both web maps and supplementary photos and text.

March 3 - "Version Control with Git" with Erik Radio, Office of Digital Innovation and Stewardship, University Libraries
Git is a popular, open source version control system. While used largely for tracking changes in code, it can be used in any situation where the ability to track versions is required. This workshop will explore the basics on using git for version control. Participants are encouraged to bring their own computers with GitKraken installed.

March 24 - "Plotly" with Blake Joyce, CyVerse, BIO5 Institute
In the past, researchers have all but assumed that once data was generated, it would be assessed, analyzed, and visualized properly. It is unclear whether this assumption was ever valid, but in the age of 'big data' it simply does not work in the face of massive, messy, multidimensional datasets. Additionally, advanced and interactive visualizations hold the promise of greater result reproducibility, clarity of message, provenance, and generating data sets that researchers can assess/analyze on the fly instead of relying on static images. Best of all: there are many free advanced visualization software packages available to researchers. As an introduction to this topic, we will discuss advanced visualizations and use Plotly in Python to assess genetics data. All code and slide materials can be found in the parent GitHub repo.

April 14 - "Teaching and Learning with Drones" with Mike McKisson, School of Journalism
So you want to fly a drone? Do you know when, where and how you can fly so you don’t get fined thousands of dollars by the FAA? Learn the ins and outs of UAV piloting including insights into obtaining a small UAV pilot’s license from the FAA so you can fly for money or your future job. And check out video from flights along the US/Mexico and US/Canadian borders. 

April 21 - "Content Creation for Virtual Reality Applications" with Anthony Sanchez, University Libraries

April 28 - "Developing Web Maps with the Leaflet Javascript Library" with Ben Hickson, University Libraries
Using the Leaflet mapping library, learn how to integrate maps into your websites, pull in data streams, and leverage the suite of leaflet plugin to enhance your map.  The workshop will focus on the basics of web maps, so while participants are encouraged to have some knowledge of web development, we will be cover the basics. Please come prepared with your favorite web editing application installed such as Notepad++ (Windows) or CotEditor (Mac).