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Trial Databases

We are pleased to announce trial access to the following digital resources. Please send your feedback about the importance of these resources for your research and teaching.  


Latin American News Digest

This resource covers a wide spectrum of news and commentary, produced by Latin Americans, for Latin Americans. It follows more than 100 newspapers and magazines. Please send your feedback to Ping Situ.

Trial period: October 1 to November 29, 2015



Cairn.info offers the most comprehensive online collection of francophone publications in the social sciences and humanities. More than 400 journals and 5,000 ebooks are available from Belgian, Swiss, and French academic publishers. Please send your feedback to Ping Situ.

Trial period: September 29 to November 30, 2015



Avention delivers business data on more than 27 million companies from around the world, as well as information on industries and business contacts. Use Conceptual Search to find relevant business and industry information around your topic. Or use Business Signals to identify predictive indicators. Online Live Chat is available 24/5 through the site or by calling (800) 433-0287. Please send your feedback to Jason Dewland.

Trial period: October 13 to November 30, 2015



We already subscribe to U.S. industry research reports, but are now trying out industry reports for China and Canada. Please send your feedback to Jason Dewland.

Trial period: September 1 to December 1, 2015


History Vault: American Indians and the American West, 1809-1971

Digitized archival collections and records from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Major Council Meetings of American Indian Tribes, the Indian Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, and the U.S. Army departments in Arizona, New Mexico, and more. Please send your feedback to Mary Feeney.

Trial period: November 5 to December 11, 2015 


Psychopathology Review

Psychopathology Review is an e-journal created to publish cutting-edge reviews and theoretical articles relevant to psychopathology, clinical psychology, and psychiatry. Published papers can include systematic reviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses, and theoretical articles. Please send your feedback to Elizabeth Kline

Trial period: September 15, 2015 to December 31, 2015

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Last modified: November 16, 2015