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Open Access Publishing Fund

Sponsored by the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and the University Libraries, the University of Arizona Open Access Publishing Fund is a pilot program intended to support making UA research findings immediately and freely available worldwide in open access journals. Our goal is to provide for the widest possible dissemination of campus research.

Am I eligible?

The fund is open to UA faculty, researchers, staff, post-docs, and students. You may apply for funds if you intend to make your journal article free to all readers immediately upon publication and do not have grants or contracts that help cover open access or paid access publishing fees.

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What publications are eligible?

Peer-reviewed articles in eligible journals.

Which journals are eligible?

Journals that:

Are there limits to the amount available?

The fund will pay author processing charges up to $3,000 per article while funds are available. If multiple authors from different institutions are involved, funding will be considered only for UA authors and will be prorated. An exception may be made if the lead or primary author is from the UA.

At this time there are no other limitations on the amount available to individual authors. As we gain experience with the process, it is possible that other restrictions and/or limitations may be imposed.

Articles that comply with the eligibility criteria will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis up to $30,000.

What if the research in the article was grant funded?

Your eligibility would depend on whether the grant funds can be used for article processing fees. If you have funding from grants, contracts, or gifts that can cover open access publishing fees, then your article will not be eligible through this fund.

How do I apply for funds?

You can request funds once your article has been accepted for publication by completing the application form.

It is expected that articles funded in part or in full from this fund will be deposited in the UA Campus Repository.

Requests will be reviewed by a faculty advisory board, who will make determinations of awards.

To apply for funding to support book-length manuscripts, check out the Provost's Author Support Fund.

Last modified: January 5, 2015