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Journal Title Abbreviations

Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations Dictionary (in Gale Virtual Reference Library - Available only to UA.)

Caltech ISI Journal Abbreviations Index - Includes journal titles and their abbreviations found in Web of Science (citation indexes) databases. Maintained by Caltech Library. (Note: Don't try to enter Web of Science from this page! Use the UA Library's Web of Science login page instead.)

CAplus Core Journal Coverage List - Includes the journal abbreviation (short title), complete journal title, CODEN, and publication frequency for the key/core journals covered in the Chemical Abstracts Service CAplus file.

HLAS Journal Abbreviations - Includes abbreviations for titles (in many subjects and languages) included in Handbook of Latin American Studies, from Library of Congress.

Journal Abbreviation Sources - All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources. Now part of

Last modified: December 15, 2015