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Organizations and Associations

Associations-Encyclopedia of Associations - Contains information for approximately 400,000 international and U.S. national, regional, state and local non-profit membership organizations in all fields. Search by location, subject or SIC code. (Available only to UA.)

Associations on the Net - Over 2,000 internet sites about professional and  trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties etc. Brought to you by the Internet Public Library

Gale's Ready Reference Shelf - Gale's Ready Reference Shelf integrates 14 of Gale's most popular reference directories. It contains more than 355,000 listings for associations, research centers, publishers, publications (ranging from newspapers and newsletters to periodicals and directories), databases, television and radio stations, and more. Fully searchable across all files. (Available only to UA.)

Last modified: September 1, 2011