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Global Books in Print - Includes books in print and out of print, forthcoming books and a publisher database. Covers primarily English-speaking countries, but includes books in many languages (including the former Spanish Books in Print database). Also includes audio and video formats and thousands of books reviews. (Available only to UA.)

Serials Directory - The Serials Directory provides up-to-date, accurate bibliographic information for popular U.S. and international serials from over 85,000 publishers with over 178,500 titles and historical data for over 20,000 titles. (Available only to UA.)

Ulrich's International Periodical's Directory -provides publication, subscription and indexing data on over 210,000 regularly published and irregularly issued serials including over 47,000 cessations since 1979. (Available only to UA.)

Gale's Ready Reference Shelf - Gale's Ready Reference Shelf integrates 14 of Gale's most popular reference directories. It contains more than 355,000 listings for associations, research centers, publishers, publications (ranging from newspapers and newsletters to periodicals and directories), databases, television and radio stations, and more. Fully searchable across all files. (Available only to UA.)

Last modified: December 15, 2015