Borrow & Request

Lost, damaged, and late library materials

Your responsibilities

  • Know when library material you borrow is due — you are provided with a receipt at check-out.
  • Return or renew material before the due date.
  • Pay any charges for late or billed library material.
  • Notify us immediately if your catcard is lost or stolen.
  • Notify us right away of any problems or disputes with your library account.
  • Review our fee structure, which applies to everyone. 

How to pay

Pay your billing, processing, and replacement fees.

Hourly and daily fees do not show on your account until the late item is returned. If you are a student, library charges sent to your Bursar's account no longer show on your library account.

See our policies and procedures.


We can work with you to resolve most billing/fee issues at any library information desk. Or call us at (520) 621-6442.

You can also contact library billing staff to request a credit for returned items or ask us to review your account.

Common problems & disputes


I returned an item, but the library says I still have it checked out.

If you believe that you returned an item that the library says is still checked out to you, notify us immediately by contacting the home library for the item. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your 16 digit catcard number
  • title of the material
  • when you returned the material
  • where you returned the material


We will conduct two thorough and independent searches over a period of two weeks. You will be notified via email of the results of this search. If the item is not found, you are still responsible for returning the material, or paying the full replacement charge. 

We recommend returning library materials at either our express check-in machines or any service desk to obtain a return receipt. Save the receipt, as this is the only way to prove you have returned materials.

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I lost library material.

If you lose library material checked out to your library account, you will need to pay for its replacement. Replacement charges are set at a “flat rate” of $140.00 per item regardless of the type or condition of the original material. We do not accept replacement copies for lost material.

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I damaged library material.

If you damaged library material you will need to pay for its repair or its replacement. Cost is determined by type of damage. Damage includes any markings, underlining, highlighting and sticky notes of all kinds. Please do not attempt to repair the material.

If you notice that library material appears damaged or is missing parts, inform library staff before you check it out to avoid being assessed repair charges.

See our fee structure for more detailed information.

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A book I checked out was recalled, but I did not receive a notice.

Recall notices are sent either by email or US mail. If a book you checked out was recalled and you did not receive the recall notice, contact the Main Library right away at 621-6442 or contact our billing staff.

We required to send all official correspondence – including Recall notices, to your official University email account. If you choose not to use your official UA email account you assume the risk of not receiving recall notices and being charged late fees.

It is recommended you periodically check My Account on the library’s website at: to review your account.

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I just checked out a book and it got recalled.

Library policy states that recalls may occur at any time. Recall due dates supersede all previous due dates. In most cases, the new due date will be anywhere from 3 to 9 days from the day you receive the notice. In some cases, you will only have a day or two to return the book(s). To avoid late charges, you will need to return the book by the recall due date.

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I did not receive my Courtesy or Overdue notices for a book I checked out, and now I'm being charged for it.

Courtesy and Overdue notices are sent by email or US mail. Courtesy and Overdue notices are a courtesy. They are not meant to be your indicator to renew or return your book(s). If you use Courtesy and Overdue notices as your indication to return or renew your books, you assume the risk of accruing late fees in the event that they are not received. 

We will not release late fees if you do not receive Courtesy or Overdue notices.  

You are responsible for returning or renewing your books by the due date given when you checked out the books. Your official notification of the due date is printed on your receipt when items are checked out.   

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I went out of town and a book I borrowed was recalled.

If a book you borrowed is recalled while you are out of town, you are responsible for returning it by its Recall Due Date.  Books may be mailed to:

University of Arizona
Main Library

Attention Access and Information Services

POB 210055

1510 E University Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055

  • If the item is not returned on time, you are responsible for paying any late fees that accrue. 
  • Library materials are subject to recall at any time throughout the calendar year. There are no exceptions for University breaks or holidays. 
  • We strongly suggest either returning all borrowed library material before leaving Tucson OR making suitable arrangements for the return of recalled material in your absence.

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Your late fees and replacement charges are “excessive” or “outrageous. ”

Late fees are charged on certain items to ensure timely access to these materials for all of our customers. Replacement charges are assessed only when an item is seriously overdue and are designed recover the cost of replacing lost or destroyed state property.

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I want to dispute my library charge, but it's already been transferred to my Bursars account or to a collection agency.

Once charges have been transferred to your bursar account or to a collection agency, you may no longer dispute them. Charges may be reduced for items returned within 90 days of being sent to the bursar’s office or a collection agency. 

Charges on student accounts are transferred to the bursar’s office each month. 

Charges on faculty, staff and non-UA accounts are sent to a collection agency after 90 days. 

Before making a transfer to either the bursar or a collection agency, the library has attempted to contact you a minimum of three times regarding the item(s).

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I went out of town and my books became overdue while I was away.

If your books become overdue while you are out of town, you are still responsible for their timely return and for any late fees or billing charges that may have accrued. You are responsible for returning or renewing your books on time regardless of where you are when they become due.

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I moved and did not receive my library notices.

University of Arizona students, staff and faculty should update their contact information through UAccess - the updated information will appear in the library database within 2-3 business days.

Community users and non-UA students may update their contact information at any appropriate library service desk.

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There is a book on my account that I did not check out.

If an item appears on your library account that you believe you did not check out, notify us immediately by contacting on of our information desks or by contacting our library billing staff. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your 16 digit catcard number
  • title of the item(s)


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I checked out an item for a friend and now I'm being charged for it.

You are responsible for the use of your catcard. If you check out library material for a friend, you are responsible for its return and any fees accrued from its late return, loss or damage.

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I checked out an item for a professor and now I'm being charged for it.

You are responsible for the use of your catcard. If you checked out an item for a professor and are now being charged for it, you are responsible for its return and for paying the overdue fees.

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I became ill and was unable to return my books on-time.

If you become ill and are charged late or billing fees because you could not return your books on time, you may be able to get your fees reduced or cancelled.

Please provide us with a doctor's note that indicates you were ill during the time your books were due. We will also accept a bill record which outlines medical services rendered during the same time period.

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I paid a library charge on my account, but I'm still being billed for it.

If you paid for a library charge either online or in person and the charges remain on your library account, contact us right away. You must provide proof of your payment in the form of a cancelled check or a credit card statement.

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I paid the replacement fee for a book — can I keep it?

No. Library materials are state property and cannot be “purchased” by paying the replacement fee. If you find an item that you have paid for, return it as soon as possible to receive a credit for the replacement charge. Some charges may not be eligible for a full credit.

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My car/backpack was stolen OR my home was broken into/damaged and library materials were lost/destroyed.

We recognize that borrowed library material may be lost or destroyed due to circumstances beyond your control. However, such incidents do not relieve you of your obligation to return or replace library materials.

If such an incident occurs, contact library billing staff as soon as possible to discuss your options. You will be required to furnish written proof of the incident (police report, insurance report etc.) before any action will be considered.

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Last modified: August 3, 2016