Borrow & Request

Searches Process

Once an item has been reported missing we:

  • Mark the item missing
  • Put a hold on it for the customer if requested
  • Each item will be searched for 3 times
    • The first time is the day after the item is reported missing. 
    • The second time is 1 week after the item is reported missing.
      • If we do not find the item at this time we will cancel your hold and send you an email suggesting your try interlibrary loan
      • If we find the item during the 1st or 2nd search you will be notified and can pick up your hold .
    • The third time is 5 weeks after the the second search.
      • If we do not find the item at this time it will be declared lost
  • Every 6 months a list of items is sent to our technical processing team to be reviewed for either reorder or withdrawal. 
  • At any point during the process any item marked missing, on search, lost, lost & paid can be requested from interlibrary loan.

Last modified: December 15, 2015