Borrow & Request

Billing, processing, and replacement policies

General fee structure and processes

The fee structure applies to all library borrowers.

Items not returned will accumulate billing, processing, and replacement charges. Materials are presumed lost if overdue 21 days or more.

Fees and charges for all non-UA users must be paid in full at the time of revalidation of your library card.

Please note that the 21 day grace period is for regular materials only.

Notification of fees

As a courtesy the Library sends overdue notices. Overdue notices are sent via email or postal mail. Failure to receive a courtesy overdue notice of any kind does not exempt your responsibility.

Per University policy, email is a mechanism for official communication within the University of Arizona. Official University email accounts are available for all enrolled students, faculty and staff. and must be utilized for library communication. The addresses are all of the form [Name] or [Name] These accounts must be activated before the library can correspond with its customers using the official email accounts.

If customers wish to have email redirected from their official address to another email address (e.g.,, or an address on a departmental server), they may do so, but at their own risk. University faculty and staff may also permanently change their email address to a departmental email address by contacting the business manager of their department.  The library will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or by departmental servers. Having email redirected does not absolve a customer from the responsibilities associated with official communication sent to his or her account.

Bursar's and collection agencies

Unpaid late fees and replacement charges on University of Arizona Libraries student accounts are transferred to the University of Arizona Bursar’s office each month. Unpaid replacement charges for all other accounts are placed with a collection agency when the billed item(s) become more than 90 days overdue and the borrower has not responded to official library notices and bills regarding the item(s).

Library materials billed to your bursar’s account are no longer listed on your library account. You may receive a partial credit of the replacement charge if the original item is returned to the library within six months of the original billing date. To request a credit for returned materials that have been billed to your bursar’s account, or for other general billing questions, contact our billing staff by sending us an email.

Library Staff cannot negotiate, collect or waive replacement charges that have transferred to a collection agency. The original item may be returned to the library for a reduction to the balance owed if the item is received by the library within six months of the original billing date. Borrowers with accounts placed at a collection agency remain responsible for all associated billing and collection charges. To request a credit for returned materials or if you have questions about any library charges on your student bursar account, you can contact the library by sending us an email.

Suspension of library privileges

Borrowing privileges will be revoked when late fees reach $5.00. Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan privileges are suspended when recalled and Interlibrary Loan material are overdue. Overdue balances must be paid off in full before library privileges will resume.

Privilege suspension is the same for all types of library user (i.e. Undergraduate, Graduate, Faculty, Community User, etc.).

Lost or damaged library material

Please inform the Information Desk of lost material as soon as possible so that we can explain your options.

Items returned with missing parts (e.g., a CD case with no CD in it, a score missing a part) will not be checked-in upon receipt, and will continue to accrue fees until all parts have been returned.

Items returned damaged (e.g., with highlighting, missing pages, water damage, etc.) will not be checked-in and will incur damage or replacement costs depending on the extent of the damage.

Items checked-in by the customer using an Express Check-In Machine are subject to the same rules above. Customers should verify that all parts are present before checking items in.

It is the customer's responsibility to verify that all parts are present and that no significant damage is present before checking an item out. If you do notice missing parts or significant damage report it to the Information Desk before checking the item out.


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Last modified: August 3, 2016