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Charging stations

mobile device charging station          mobile device charging station with lockers

Cell phone or tablet almost out of power? We have free charging stations!

Who can use them?

All library users, although UA students, faculty, and staff given priority

Where are they located?

Main Library (1st & 2nd floor), Science-Engineering Library (2nd & 5th floor), and the Fine Arts Library

What if I forget the locker combination?

Ask a staff member for assistance

Security / other information

Turn your ringer off or to vibrate

Do not leave devices in the charging stations overnight

Charging stations will be cleared periodically

Devices cleared from the charging stations at the Main and Science-Engineering Libraries will be taken to the Lost and Found at the Main Library Express Document Center

Do not leave items unattended

The University of Arizona Libraries are not responsible for any lost or damaged property 

Last modified: August 3, 2016