How to Use Document Delivery

Submit a request

All current students, faculty and staff automatically have an Document Delivery Account.  Go to your account and select the appropriate Request Form.

  • Document: A photocopy, such as a journal, newspaper, or magazine article, map, or conference paper
  • Loan: A loan of a physical item, such as a book, entire conference proceeding, map, CD, DVD, VHS, or microform
  • Book Chapter: A copy of a chapter from a book or anthology.
  • Thesis: A loan of a thesis or dissertation.

Once you have submitted the request, it is sent to be processed. We will notify you by email once your request is filled.

Check the status of a request

Go to your account and select the link to View > Outstanding Requests.

To view more detailed information, click on the transaction number next to your request.

Cancel a request

Go to your account and select the link to View > Outstanding Requests.

Click on the transaction number next to the request you'd like to cancel. Click on Cancel Request.

If your request does not appear under Outstanding Requests, or if the Cancel Request button is not available, please contact us as your request is already in process.

Canceled requests

Typically a request will be canceled if the item is temporarily unavailable from the library. You may inquire by contacting

For customers affiliated with the UA, unfilled Document Delivery requests are often routed to Interlibrary Loan, in which case we will send you an email notice. Once an unfilled request is routed to Interlibrary Loan, the fee for the request is waived since all fees for Interlibrary Loan are currently covered by the university.

Access a request

Loans: Books and other material will be shipped via Federal Express to the address provided.

Articles: Delivered to your email. The email will link to a copy of the article in PDF format.

To view your articles requested, go to your account and select the link to View > Electronically Received Articles.

To view of download the article, click on the transaction number next to it. These articles will remain available for 30 days. 

Please Note: If for some reason we cannot obtain an electronic version of your request(s), we will print and mail you the article(s) to the address indicated on your original request.

Renew a loan request

Loan requests delivered through Document Delivery can be renewed just like any other library item. Go to your library account to renew your items.

Return a loan request

Return all material in a package to the US Post Office. Whenever possible, please feel free to us the same package in which the material arrived. Return your books to the following address:

University of Arizona Library
Document Delivery, Rm B-205
1510 E University Blvd
Tucson AZ 85721-0055

Note for UA South Faculty, Staff, and Students: A prepaid return label will be included with your requested material. Return your material in the package with the label affixed and drop it off at US Post Office.

Problems signing in?

If Then

You are new to the university

You have never used a library service before, but are a current UA student, staff, or faculty member

Your NetID is incorrect or inactive

The system will not recognize you when you try to sign in. Call us at 621-6438 or contact us by email and we will add you to our system.
You have an extremely overdue item(s)

You need to return any overdue items and reduce your account balance to no more than $5.

Late items accrue fees of $1/day. Items 14 or more days late accrue a $140 replacement fee. Once returned, the fee will be reduced to $15 for processing.

Your library fees exceed the maximum $5 You will need to pay the fee. If you have questions about the charges on your account contact one of the Information Desks to speak to a staff person.  Once the fine is cleared, you will regain access to document delivery.

Problems printing?

Download your article and then Save to Disk. This works best if you have a slow internet connection. The articles are in a large PDF format, so download the file completely, save to an area on your computer's hard drive, and view offline.

Be sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer and we recommend that you have the latest version.

If none of these recommendations help, contact us.

Adding the Library's Streaming Video Links to D2L

 (Last updated 06/09/2014)

PLEASE NOTE - New video links added after May 30th, 2014 will not work correctly if it has a GREEN New File icon with a globe:


Newly created video links should have an ORANGE New Link icon with a star:

Creating a "Streaming Video" Module

Creating a module is the first step to adding the Library’s streamed video links to your D2L course page. A module must be created before you can successfully add the streaming video links.

  1. To begin, please select Content on the D2L course page you wish to work on.
  2. Type in the words Streaming Video within the Add a module… field that appears below the Table of Contents on the left side of the screen. You may need to scroll to see this box if you have already copied last year’s materials into the course site.
  3. Select Enter on your keyboard or click outside of the Add a module… field to add the new Streaming Video module to your D2L course page. You are now ready to add the streamed video links into this newly created module.

Using D2L’s ‘Create a Link’ feature to add Streaming Video Links

The next step to adding the Streaming video links is to use the Create a Link feature.

  1. Select Content
  2. Click on the Streaming Video module name along the left side of the screen
  3. Select New under the Streaming Video module, and then select Create a Link
  4. Use the Enter a Title field to enter the streaming video title
  5. Paste the URL that the library emailed you into the URL box
  6. Click Create

Do *not* check the Open as External Resource checkbox. Selecting this box will prevent instructors from seeing any Content Reporting data for students that click the link.


The streaming video link on D2L should exactly match the link sent in the Library’s AskDDT email message.

  • The link should begin with
  • The link should end with a seven digit number preceded by the letters TN

Please make sure no extra characters were accidentally included in the link, such as:

Was the Library’s AskDDT email message forwarded from one of your other email accounts, or another colleague? We have learned that forwarded messages can sometimes insert extraneous characters into a video link, making it not work correctly. 

Please consider checking your copied video link before adding it to D2L by checking the link with a text editor such as Notepad. Highlight, then copy the video link from the Library’s AskDDT email message,  then paste the link into Notepad.  Check for extra %20 characters within the link. Please remove these extra %20 characters, and then test the edited link in a separate internet browser window to make sure it still works. The working edited link can then be pasted into your D2L page.

Thank you for using the Library’s Streaming Video Service. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you or your students have any difficulty accessing the streamed videos.

University of Arizona Main Library
Document Delivery Services
1510 E. University Blvd. 
Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
Phone: 520-621-6438
Fax: 520-621-4619


Last modified: October 16, 2014