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K-12 Education for At-Risk Students

Research Question: Are current interventions in K-12 education effective in reaching at-risk students?

This topic will explore types of interventions used in K-12 education for at-risk students and will examine their effectiveness. There is a large debate in this country if the current structure of K-12 education is beneficial for students, and particularly at-risk students. You will look at policy, educational outcomes, and perspectives of students, teachers, and administrators to develop your conclusions. You will find this information through scholarly and popular articles, using library resources and credible internet sources.

Step 1: Locate and read two background articles 

Find the following encyclopedia article by following the path provided:

School dropout prevention. (2010). In the International Encyclopedia of Education (3rd ed., online).

  • UA Library Homepage > In the main search box for keyword, type in: International Encyclopedia of Education > Search
  • Click the first entry for the ebook (2010)
  • Click on the eproxy link to find on the web
  • At the top of the page in All Fields, type in: school dropout prevention
  • Read the article

Access the following CQ Researcher article by following the path provided:

Education. (2013, June 15). In CQ Researcher.

  • UA Library Homepage > Search & Find > Articles & Databases
  • Find databases by TITLE > C
  • Scroll down the page and click the link to CQ Research Plus Archive
  • Browse topics > Education > Education Policy > Education (Short Report), Jun 15, 2013
  • Read the article
    • Hint: Other articles in this list would be useful as well for more background info and historical context

Step 2: Analyze Articles: 

Print the Article Analysis form. You will complete this as you read the following articles:

Access Academic Search Complete:
Go to the UA Library homepage at Click Search & Find > Articles & Databases > Academic Search Complete

Article 1

  • In the keyword search box type in "Closing early education gaps" and click Search.
  • Find the record for the article titled "Closing early education gaps for at-risk students." by DeNisco.
  • Click the link Linked Full Text to read the full article.

Article 2

  • In Academic Search Complete, click Clear to begin a new search.
  • In the keyword search box type in "Left numb and unengaged and lost" and click Search.
  • Find the record for the article titled "(Re)conceptualising risk: Left numb and unengaged and lost in a no-man's-land or what (seems to) work for at-risk students.” by Zyngier.
  • Click the link HTML Full Text to read the full article.

Step 3: Select and evaluate websites

These tutorials will help you identify a set of criteria for assessing a web source’s credibility.

Step 4: Search for more articles

Step 5: Use specialized databases and locate articles when you have a citation

Step 6: Cite your sources

Citation Guide

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