Scholarly Communication

NIH Public Access Policy

How the new reporting requirement will help you

The new NIH reporting requirement will benefit University of Arizona authors. The requirement provides an important opportunity to make published research funded by NIH and written by you and your colleagues accessible to all - the public, health care providers, educators and scientists, among others. This improved access will help advance science and, ultimately, improve human health.

Deposit in PubMed Central ensures that research results will be preserved in a state-of- the-art digital repository. Free access within a 12 month period will maximize the visibility of your research and ensure that researchers and students around the world will be able to read and build on your work, regardless of their ability to subscribe to the journal in which the research is published. Preliminary research suggests that articles freely available are cited more often and have a greater impact than articles locked away behind subscription walls.

NIH public access will foster development of new research tools, open doors to new research avenues, and advance scientific discovery. Quoting David Shulenburger, Vice- President for Academic Affairs at the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC), "...public access to publicly funded research contributes directly to the mission of higher education. Improved access will enable universities to maximize their own investment in research and widen the potential for discovery as the results are more readily available for others to build upon."

Last modified: October 17, 2012