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My Reading History - Instructions and FAQ

My Reading History is a feature that allows you to save a list of everything that you check out from the library. It can exported to a text file similar in format to what is seen on the screen. If you decide to enable this feature, you should be aware that anyone with your NetID and password (or last name and library card number if not UA affiliated) will have access to your reading history through your online account. You will also want to be aware of the privacy implications (Privacy Statement) of saving your reading history particularly in relation to the Patriot Act.

Instructions to Enable Reading History

  • Select My Account link located at top right of each page
  • Log into your account by:
    • typing in your NETID and password (UA faculty, staff, students, and affiliated/associated)
    • entering your last name and library card number (all others including proxy card holders)
  • Select "My Reading History."
  • Select "Opt In".

The system will start saving a list of titles beginning with any titles that you check out after you select "Opt In". Anything that you checked out before you started saving your history will not be on the list even if you renew the items. You can delete some, or all of the titles on your list whenever you want. You will see "stop saving my reading history" after you have turned on the feature, and you can click on this link to stop collecting titles at any time. However, you must delete all of the titles from your reading history before you can opt out of saving your history.

Instructions to Disable Reading History

  • Select "My Account" link located at top right of each page
  • Log into your account by entering your last name and library card number
  • Select Reading History
  • Delete all of the titles in your list
  • Select "Opt Out".

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the implications for My Reading History in terms of confidentiality and the Patriot Act?

Library patrons need to be aware that using My Reading History means this information is being stored on the University of Arizona Library's server. If we are served with a subpoena, Reading History information might have to be surrendered to law enforcement officials. The Library's privacy statement can give you more information about patron record confidentiality.

Who will have access to my reading history?

If you choose this option, please be aware that anyone with access to your library card number can check your reading history or any other information attached to your account. You will also want to be aware of the privacy implications (add in link to new page) of saving your reading history particularly in relation to the Patriot Act.

Once I have "opted in" to My Reading History, may I "opt out" at some future point?

Yes. Once you have "opted in", the button changes to "Opt Out". All you have to do to disable My Reading History is delete all entries and then click the "Opt Out" button.

May I delete parts of my Reading History, or must the entire history be retained?

You may delete all or part of your Reading History by checking specific items and clicking the "delete" button.

Is this service only going to keep track of books?

No, this will keep track of everything that you borrow from the library, including DVDs, CDs, books on tape, books, etc.

What happens if I lose my card?

You will not lose your reading history if you lose your card. However, you should notify the library right away so that others cannot get access to your library account and your reading history.

What happens once I no longer am affiliated with the University of Arizona or choose not to have a library account with the University of Arizona Libraries?

While your library account will be deleted, (thus direct access to your account information will not exist) your reading history will continue to be stored on our server unless you delete it. We recommend you do before you no longer have access to your account.

Will it list books that I borrow through interlibrary loan?

No, it will not list the title of an interlibrary loan item. That information is kept in a different database. You can get information about ILL and Express Document requests in your ILL account.

What happens when the library removes a title from the collection?

If we remove a title from the collection, you will see the message "Information no longer available" instead of the title.

Does this service allow me to export titles or sort my list by author, title, Etc?

Records can be sorted by author, title, etc.; and can be exported to email, the screen, or a text file. When viewing " My Reading History ," select the " Export Reading History " option that appears both at the top and bottom of the reading history list.

Next, you will be given format options to export the list in:

Full Display
Brief Display

...and where to send the list to:

Mail To:
Local Disk

Select Submit to export.


Last modified: December 22, 2016