Study Spaces & Computing

Group Study (3 or more students)

Reserve a study room using D!BS (current UA students only)

Small reservable group study room

For small groups (3-8)

For large groups (9-16)

With computer technology


Find group study space on the 1st-3rd floors of the Main Library, the 2nd-4th floors of the Science-Engineering Library, and the Fine Arts Library. See floor maps.

Individual Study

Quiet study rooms (1-2 students) are available for 6 hour checkout at the Main and Science-Engineering Library Information Desks.

individual study room


Quiet Study Rooms



The large quiet study room is available on a first-come, first-served basis, with individual desks for quiet study. This room is on the west side of the 3rd floor in the Main Library (room A325).

The silent study room is on the east side of the 3rd floor in the Main Library (room C318).

No sound. Seriously. Not even whispering, headphones, or keyboards. Remember to put your phone on silent.

The 4th and 5th floors of the Main Library and the 1st and 5th floors of the Science-Engineering Library are quiet study areas. Please speak quietly, silence mobile devices, and limit louder conversations to the lobby.

Computers & Technology


Computer study areas

Equipment Lending


Using your laptop

Charging stations

Storing files online with cloud storage



For Faculty & Graduate Students

Scholars' Corner seating area

Scholars' Corner

Long-term study rooms

Dissertation writers' rooms

Comp exam rooms

Graduate lockers

Main Library rooms 104A and 104B can be reserved by instructors who teach in the ILC for office hours. View availability/reserve office hours.


Don't leave belongings in the rooms, as you are solely responsible for personal property. Follow the Code of Conduct and inform us of any infractions via chat or email, or call (520) 621-6442.

Dry erase markers, erasers, and whiteboard cleaner are available free of charge at our service desks

Last modified: April 21, 2015