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Storing Files Online with Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage allows you to create, edit, and save files from any device that has an internet connection. There are several free and fee-based applications.

Can I share files?

Yes. Some products also allow multiple users to edit files simultaneously, allowing you to collaborate with your peers in real time.

Is it free?

It depends. Many companies provide a free option. Some have a fee-based option if you want more storage space.

Are my files safe?

Probably, but never use cloud storage as the only storage for files you can't afford to lose. As with any application on the web, there is some (albeit minor) risk in storing data. Take a look at the reviews for each product to make an educated decision.

What are popular cloud storage options?

Company Amount of Free storage Real time collaboration & editing Reviews


Google Drive

15GB  Yes Reviews



2GB  No Reviews



 7GB  Yes Reviews



 10GB  Yes Reviews



5GB  No Reviews


Last modified: July 23, 2015