Library Instruction and Specialized Software Room

Library Instruction and Specialty Software Room

What is the Library Instruction and Specialized Software Room?

A 50-seat computer classroom that is used for instructional sessions in the library. The room can also be accessed by current students to use speciality software.

Can I reserve the room?

Yes. Instructors can reserve the room for sessions on how to conduct library research. You can conduct your own teaching session or request the help of a librarian.

Request an instructional session.

Reservation requests for uses other than library instruction will be considered on a case by case basis,

How do I access the room?

Current UA students can access the computer classroom during regular Main Library hours. Swipe your CatCard for entry.

When the room is reserved for instructional sessions, students can go to the Science-Engineering or Fine Arts Libraries to use specialty software.

Where is the room located?

Main Library Information Commons, 1st Floor: Room A112

What software is available?

Along with all of the software available in the Information Commons, the following  specialized software is also available:

ArcGIS Folder:

ArcGIS, ArcCatalog, ArcGlobe, ArcMap, ArcScene

Also available at the Science-Engineering Library

Class Software Folder:

Bio181L, Bio181M

Also available at the Science-Engineering Library

Math, Science & Engineering Folder:

Sketchpad, SolidWorks, AutoCad, ChemBio3D, ChemBioDraw, Maple Suite, Matlab, MestReNova, Minitab

Also available at the Science-Engineering Library

Statistics Folder:

Minitab, R-Stats, SAS, SPSS

Also available at the Science-Engineering Library

Music Software Folder:

Lightwright Docs, Lightwright 4, Finale 2012, Sibelius 7

Also available at the Fine Arts Library

Security and other information

Never leave any belongings unattended in the room, as you are solely responsible for your personal belongings.

Food and drink is not allowed in the room

All users must follow the Code of Conduct

Inform us of any infractions, either via chat or email or call (520) 621-6442


Last modified: August 13, 2014