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Long-Term Study Rooms

Long term study carrel

Who can use this room?

PhD candidates who have already passed comprehensive exams, are in the process of dissertation research or writing, and are enrolled for a current and/or upcoming semester at UA

UA Research Faculty, including Visiting Faculty and Retired Emeritus

Where are the rooms located?

Main Library (116 rooms) and Science-Engineering Library (88 rooms)

How can I use one?

Apply online. Once assigned, you can use your room anytime the library is open.

Do I have to share the room?

You may be asked to share a room.

We try to match users with others in the same department.

Can I share the room with a colleague?

Yes. Each user must submit a separate application.

How long do I get the room?

One year.

Can I keep my belongings in the room?

You may keep personal items in the room at your own risk. We are not responsible for materials left in the room. Items not removed by the end of the assignment period will be disposed of in accordance with University policy.

Library materials left in the rooms must be checked out to you. You may not keep non-circulating or "Library Use Only" materials in the room. Rooms will be checked periodically.

Can I cover the door window for privacy?

For security reasons, door windows must remain uncovered.

Will my laptop work in the room?

Yes, wireless is available throughout the libraries. Some rooms have an ethernet connection.

Security and other information

All users must follow the code of conduct.

Inform us of any infractions, either via chat or email or call 621-6442.


Last modified: April 20, 2015