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Reservable Group Study Rooms

Group study room 3 students     Reservable group study room

Who can use these rooms?

Priority will first be given to groups of 3-8 UA students with reservations then other UA affiliates. Otherwise, rooms are open and available for anyone to use.

For how long?

Up to 2 hours at a time.

Only 2 reservations allowed per week.

Can reserve up to 2 weeks in advance.

Reservation will be canceled after 15 minutes of reserved time if no one in the group is present.

How do I reserve these rooms?

Reserve from your mobile device or online at

Placing backpacks or books in the room does not hold the room for you.

Where are they located?

Main Library

Information Commons, 1st Floor

Rooms: A102, A103, A104, A106, A114, A115, A116, A117, A118, A119, 104C, 106A, 106B, 106C, 108A, 108B, 108C, 108E, 110A, 110B, 110C

3rd Floor, Room:  B302

4th Floor, Rooms: A401A, A401B, A402, A403, A404, A410, B413, B423

5th Floor, Rooms: B540, B552, B553

Science-Engineering Library

2nd Floor, Rooms: 216, 218

3rd Floor, Rooms: 310,312, 314, 315, 317

4th Floor, Rooms: 405, 407, 411, 413, 415, 417, 436

5th Floor, Rooms: 503, 538, 540

Fine Arts
School of Music Building, 2nd Floor, Rooms: 231B, 231C, 231D

How do I know if one is available?

Check availability from your mobile device or online at or call us at (520) 621-6442.

What if I have a large group?

For groups of 9-16 UA students, see Reservable Large Group Study Rooms.

What about supplies?

Dry erase markers, erasers, and whiteboard cleaner available free of charge at the Information Commons Reference Desk.

Security/Other Information

Never leave any belongings unattended in the rooms, as you are solely responsible for your personal belongings.

For disputes regarding reservations, please seek assistance at the Information Commons Reference Desk or chat with us.

All users must follow the Code of Conduct.

Inform us of any infractions, either via chat or email or call us at (520) 621-6442.


Last modified: November 12, 2015