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University Libraries' Spending Reductions for 2009/10 & 2010/11

Why do we need to reduce spending on Library acquisitions?

Despite campus efforts to hold the Libraries' Information Access Budget harmless, the cost of information resources (books, journals, bibliographic databases, etc.) increases each year, necessitating a reduction in our purchases. In Spring 2008 the Libraries began planning for a reduction in spending based on our best estimates of projected inflation. The campus community was notified of this need in Fall 2008. Criteria, feedback opportunities and a decision-making process were established. Final decisions on reductions were made in September 2009.

  • The need to reduce spending by $976,000 is solely in response to inflation and a flat budget. The Libraries' acquisitions budget was not cut this year.
  • Over the last five years the Libraries already have been forced to reduce acquisition expenditures by $400,000, in 2003/04, and by $820,000 in 2006/07, to cover inflation.
  • The $976,000 reduction is approximately 11% of the $8.8 million Information Access Budget. These calculations assume the current level of funding for 2009/10 and 2010/11.
  • In order to minimize the time and effort required to manage such a large reduction, we are working on a two-year cycle.

What is being cut? Summary and link to detailed lists.

This table shows how reductions in the Libraries' spending for acquisitions will be done over the next two years.

Summary of Cuts - 2009-2011
  $ to be Cancelled # of Items to be Cancelled
Print Journals$75,854545
Electronic Journals*$20,94568
Dual-format (Print & Online) Journals$27,80737
Other serials$65,607305
Book Budget$466,150 
Duplicates, ceased publications, other savings$100,000 

* Excludes e-journal packages with contracts

Additional reductions may have to be taken in 2010/11 if costs increase beyond our current projections or if we do not receive additional income.

For a detailed list of titles to be cut in 2009/10 and 2010/11, please click on the link below: